Research Paper Topics for Different Subjects

During college days, everyone needs to complete assignments, projects & most importantly, research papers to truly learn the subjects you are studying. There are a whole lot of endless topics on every subject to write research papers on. But as a student, one always wants to impress the teacher & get recognition for a research paper. So how can that happen? It can happen through choosing unique & good topics for a research paper. 

But choosing the right & unique topics for a research paper is not easy & many times, students either can’t select the right research topic & write on frequently used topics. Or when they choose some different topics, they don’t get enough content to write on the topic. 

So to facilitate students to choose from the right topics for a research paper based on various fields, we have made this article. Not just will this article tell you the best research paper topics but also ‘how to choose a good research topic.’ So let’s get started!

What Makes a Topic Good For a Research Paper?

Before getting to the list of good topics for a research paper, do you know what makes a topic good to choose for a research paper? Actually, different factors influence it:

  1. A good topic fulfills the requirements of the college/university guidelines.
  2. The topic has space for research & to write content on.
  3. A good topic is not too wide or too short for the research paper.
  4. Above all, a good research topic is according to the student’s interest & students find it interesting to research on it & write about it. 

Topics for a Research Paper Based on Different Fields & Subjects

Topics for a Research Paper Based on Different Fields & Subjects
Topics for a Research Paper Based on Different Fields & Subjects

So here is the list of topics for a research paper that a student can choose from: 

Research Paper Topics for History:

  • Analysis of Independence of USA – 1776
  • Slavery in the USA in old times & its analysis.
  • Causes & effects of the Civil War
  • Impact of Native Americans on the Culture
  • Vietnam War & the USA’s win & loses in it.
  • How industrialization changed America & its position in the world. 
  • Impact of the Great Depression on America & the World
  • Analysis of the Iraq War. 

Research Paper Topics for English:

  • How language develops one’s cultural identity. 
  • Language & Literacy
  • How do words with different meanings change our perception of things?
  • The linguistic difference between the middle & low-class communities.
  • Impact of automatic grammar checker tools in education & language. 
  • The challenges of modern English on English literature. 
  • English language and neurolinguistic programming.
  • The new words have taken over the old words in the dictionary.

Topics for a Research Paper for Law & Criminology:

  • The problem of sexual harassment at work.
  • War crimes that the USA has done since now. 
  • Reasons for crimes against a specific race. 
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of capital punishment?
  • Use of social media in preventing crimes. 
  • Police Brutality
  • How to prevent juvenile crime? 
  • What causes human rights activists to be biased?

Topics for a Research Paper on Healthcare:

  • AIDS, how it spreads & how to prevent it. 
  • Covid-19, its origin & how it affected the whole world. 
  • Is it right to consider autism as an illness & how to prevent it? 
  • How to help people with epilepsy? 
  • Increasing epidemics linked to antibiotic overuse.
  • Colon Cancer & its Causes. 
  • Is it ethical to construct artificial organs?
  • Ebola virus & origin. 

Topics for a Research Paper on Technology:

  • The help of technology in preventing terrorist attacks. 
  • How close we are to Artificial Intelligence. 
  • What technologies does NASA use in exploring Mars?
  • In what ways did Steve Jobs and Bill Gates change the world?
  • What will the future of the internet look like?
  • How much our personal information is safe in this Internet Era. 
  • How did cloud technologies change the way data is stored?

Research Paper Topics for Business:

  • How can a business idea be turned into a successful business? 
  • How does marketing help businesses gain more sales? 
  • Workplace harassment.
  • Positive effects of non-financial benefits on Employees. 
  • How to retain employees in the company? 
  • Most successful businesses in the modern era & things to learn from them. 
  • How taxation slowly kills small businesses. 
  • How to increase productivity through a good working environment? 

Research Paper Topics for Environment:

  • How has global warming affected our environment? 
  • Ocean Pollution. 
  • How to reduce air pollution? 
  • How can the problem of accessibility to drinking water be solved?
  • Endangered Species – Everything about them. 
  • How can recycling help to make the world better? 
  • Effects of Global Warming on Wildlife. 
  • Climate Change in the last thirty years. 

Research Topics On Education:

  • How can literacy be achieved in the whole world? 
  • Multilingual education & its importance. 
  • Homeschooling – Its pros & cons. 
  • Is it worth taking a huge debt to study in the USA? 
  • Should homework be banned? 
  • How have guns entered schools? What measures can be taken? 
  • Is the grading system suitable for students? 

Topics for a Research Paper on Social Sciences:

  • Effects of Globalisation on Politics. 
  • Difference between how power is gained by men & women. 
  • How can child marriages be prevented? 
  • How did the role of women change from the early 20 century to the 21st century? 
  • What are the main reasons for socialism’s failure?
  • What can be done to ensure the welfare of children in underdeveloped countries?
  • How can clinical supervision be maximized?

Topics for a Research Paper on Religion:

  • All religions of the world.
  • What are the common things between all religions? 
  • Value & role of women in Islam
  • How do terrorist attacks on religious buildings affect faith?
  • Similarities & differences between Orthodox and Catholic Christians. 
  • Do we no longer believe in multiple gods?
  • How do religions influence how we perceive the good and the bad?

Topics for a Research Paper on Natural Sciences:

  • Why do we usually feel sleepy and tired when we are warm?
  • Where do molecules go when gas becomes plasma?
  • How can period alignment be proven?
  • When do nuts and fruit allergies occur?
  • Are carbohydrates bad for insulin-resistant people?
  • Why do some people have abnormal vision?
  • Why do canned drinks stay mixed up rather than separated into their ingredients?

How to Choose a Good Research Topic?

If you are thinking of making a research report on some other topic or your subject is not mentioned in our list of topics for a research paper, then here are the steps to explain ‘how to choose a good research topic.’

1) Firstly, choose a field of interest or the subject you are given to make a research paper on. You can even experiment with the research topic by picking a subject you haven’t studied but have an interest in that subject. 

2) Now, after selecting a research paper, make questions in that research paper. Try to include questions that still haven’t been answered so that your research paper will be helpful to other people. 

3) After making the questions, do research & write your own research answers in them. Try to answer the question in a short & precise manner. This will help readers to get answers easily. 

4) Now, the final & most important step is writing it in thesis form. Make your research paper in precise form & according to the correct research paper proforma. 

Bottom Line

So this was all about the topic for a research paper. We hope you found the unique & best topic for your research paper in our best topics list. 

Thank you for reading!

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