How to be Successful Without College?

Do you know what is common between Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg & Micheal Dell? They all made their fortune without even completing their college degree. These famous business figures are just a few to name who get successful without completing a college degree. Moreover, it is not necessary to have a degree to become successful in life, although a degree gives more knowledge to a person. If you dropped your college or were unable to complete college, & now pondering the question, ‘How to be successful without college?’ 

Then don’t worry, because we will share 11 tips that will motivate you to be successful & will answer the question, ‘How to be Successful without College?’ So let’s get started!

Note – This article does not motivate anyone not to complete their college degree or not study further. Education is vital for life & a college degree will undoubtedly contribute to character development & knowledge of the specific field.

How to Be Successful Without College?

Even though you don’t have a college degree, there are still a lot of opportunities open for you to succeed in life. But to grab those opportunities, you need to follow some steps in your life. So here are the important steps that one should follow to be successful without a college degree!

1) It is Never too Early to Get Started!

This is the first step you should consider to get an answer to ‘how to be successful without college.’ If you have just dropped out of college or it’s been 20 years of dropping out of college, it’s never late to start new things in life and achieve your life goals. 

You should do a proper introspection or SWOT analysis to find out what are things/works you are good at because some people are born with the talent of singing, dancing, crafting, marketing, consulting, or any other skill and knowledge about how to be successful without college. 

It will help if you stay motivated to choose a career or skill to make your life better & be successful. 

2) Choose the Career of Your Choice or Which Does Not Require a Degree

Once you have started, you need to research the career paths and opportunities you can choose. It is best if you choose a career in which you have skills or have already worked. For example, if you have the skill of fast typing, you can choose content writing. This field mostly does not require a degree & just the skill of good writing. 

If you are not good at any specific skill, then you should consider career opportunities that do not require any degree. 

3) Set Some Achievable Goals!

Now, as you have chosen the career for yourself, it is time to make some goals. Write down your monthly, yearly goals related to your work & wealth. Also, make some goals for the next ten years or 20 years, where you want to see yourself. You should make achievable goals, as making false goals will lead to just disappointment. 

After setting your goals, work towards achieving them. 

4) Enhance or Gain a Skill for a Career

As mentioned in earlier, you need to choose a career path & that career path definitely requires skill. So you should either gain that skill or enhance & sharpen the skill. 

For example, you have chosen the career of content writing & you know about fast typing. However, that is not the only requirement; you need to know how to write good content, types of content & many other things about content writing. 

You can get online courses to gain more knowledge about the skill or do an internship to get practical knowledge. That’s how you will be able to get a job without a college degree or start your own business to be successful. 

5) Get Certification For Your Skill

Even if you don’t have a college degree, you can still be successful in your life. To get a job, it will be best to have a certificate of your particular skill. The certificate of your skill will enhance the chance of you getting a job and know about how to be successful without college. 

For example, you can get a job in the construction industry without a college degree, and you can work in roles that include labor, office administration, and customer service. You just need to have skill & certification to enter the field. 

6) Expand Your Network 

‘How to be Successful without College?’ This particular step or point can answer this question. If you have a big network & you know business people, companies & job providers, you will definitely get a job even though you don’t have a degree and know about how to be successful without college. 

Try using social media platforms that are specifically aimed at linking professional people like LinkedIn. For example, with LinkedIn, one gets to know about career opportunities, links with professionals & business class people & learns new skills & even develops their professional character. 

7) Make a Mentor & Learn From Them

Make a mentor either at your job or from the internet. If you have a mentor at your job, you can learn many things about that particular field & that mentor can even help you in your career growth. 

If you make a mentor from the internet, then you can learn about many new business ideas, job skills, career development, character development & much other learning. You can choose from a list of many good business mentors on Youtube and also know about how to be successful without college. 

8) Work Hard & Never Settle at One Level

Now you have your career path; it’s time to do work hard & keep climbing the ladder of success. Do not settle at one level & keep learning new skills, achieving growth. 

Get yourself some work apart from just the job as that will let you earn some more money. Do not waste your time on useless things or activities. Try to learn as much as possible. 

9) Save & Invest Your Money 

Now, this is another vital point to consider while finding an answer to ‘How to be successful without college?’ If you are working hard & saving your money to achieve the ultimate target of being successful, then you should consider investing your money and knowledge about how to be successful without college. 

You can invest the money in many ways like the stock market, mutual funds, gold, real estate. But, before investing your money, do proper research so that your money will increase & not decrease and also know about how to be successful without college. 

10) Reach the High Levels in Job or Start Your Own Business With Savings

Now, this is the last yet essential step in achieving success. If you want to be extra successful, then it will be best to either reach higher levels in your jobs or start a business with your life savings. 

Achieving good heights in a job may be challenging & requires years of hard work. But getting success in business is easy & one can achieve that after doing good research, with the proper team & skills and knowledge about how to be successful without college. 

11) Try an Online Degree

This point is different from all the above tips. This comes into work if you are not getting success in getting jobs or work & there is the requirement of a degree. You can do an online degree by doing jobs simultaneously; you just need to do some more hard work and know about how to be successful without college. 

Bottom Line

So these were the important points/tips that one needs to follow to succeed without attending college. We hope you found this article informative & helpful. 

Please let us know your thoughts on our article, ‘How to be Successful without College?’

Thank you for reading!

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