Why Should Homework Be Banned?

There has been a debate going on the topic ‘Why should homework be banned?’ for a very long time. Some people are in its advocacy & some are against it. The ones who are on the side that homework should be banned have their own reasons & these reasons are valid from their perspective. But the people who are against it give many reasons which are also reasonable. 

As per our views, children spend most of their day time in school & after learning & studying for many hours, they again have to do homework. This actually takes the precious time of students & even puts pressure on them. 

In the USA, students spend more awake hours in schools than at home & still, they have to do homework again. An average student in the USA has to spend two hours to complete their homework & they spend around 6-7 hours in school. So from this view, how much time do they have to relax, enjoy or pursue their passions and hobbies? 

So, apart from these main reasons, there are more than 15 valid reasons which tell why homework should be banned. This article is intended to mention those valid reasons and know about Why Should Homework Be Banned. 

Let’s have a look & also the pros & cons of banning homework. 

15 Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned!

Here are the main reasons homework should be banned & that will explain to you why homework should be banned?

1) Students Need to do Homework, Even After a Full Day at School!

Even after spending around 6-7 hours at school & studying different subjects in all these hours, students still have to sit for their homework. If we calculate, a student has to give around 9-10 hours per day to studying. This is really exhausting for students & they don’t get time to even relax their whole day. Their life is like first learning at school & then coming back to home & again completing the homework given at school. 

For example, in Taiwan, an average student attends school at 8 a.m. & school ends at 5 p.m. Even after that, they are given homework to complete & which consumes around 2 hours. 

Another example is India, where students have to attend school from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. & again they attend tuitions and classes to complete their homework and know about Why Should Homework Be Banned. This takes all of their days & they barely get time for any other work in their life. 

This is one of the main reasons that validate ‘why homework should be banned?’

2) Students Get too Much Homework to Complete!

A typical student of any country gets a lot of homework on different subjects to complete every day. So even after an exhausting day at school, they have to put their minds to their homework. 

Yes, homework really makes students ready for their upcoming lives, but as said, ‘too much of anything is wrong.’ In the same way, too much homework will not benefit students in any way & in return, it will make students tensed & physically unfit. 

According to a study by the University of Phoenix, an average student from classes 9 to 12 has to spend around 210 minutes on homework. This tells how many assignments, projects, and homework they will be given to complete every day. That’s why kids should not have homework. 

3) Homework Makes Students Stressed Out & Frustrated

Another valid reason that validates why students should not have homework? When students get a lot of homework, they feel very stressed out & they get frustrated on even some small issues. 

Overall, if you see this frustration & stress does not build up in just one day, it starts building from the day a kid starts to get homework. Students have to learn the same things again that are taught to them in school and exactly know about Why Should Homework Be Banned. 

The time that students can consume to focus on their skills, passions & other activities gets spent on completing homework, which is not fair to students. That’s why there is an emotion that homework should be banned!

4) Homework = No Time For Other Activities

Yes, it is true, if a student spends 6-7 of their day at school & then spends 2 hours on their homework, then where is the time for other activities, like games, hobbies or relaxing? Studies found that students who do not give time to other life skills or games lack to develop other essential life skills.

 Students can’t give their time to extra extracurricular activities which are essential to developing important skills in life like co-operation, confidence, independence, time management, etc. 

Moreover, as much time students have to give to studies, should also be given to learning other activities, like dancing, playing video games, drawing, singing, etc. Moreover, other essential activities like cooking, time management, cleaning, etc., can be learned instead of homework and know about Why Should Homework Be Banned. 

So if the need for the child’s overall development is required, then homework should be banned. 

5) Homework Results in No Real Benefits For the Child

It is believed that the more the student will practice, the faster they will learn. But this is totally wrong; if a student understands something in school & is given a lengthy exercise, it will create frustration in him. That will result in decreasing interest in learning things further and know about Why Should Homework Be Banned. 

Also, the homework that is supposed to teach more makes students worry about it & feel depressed. This will make the student’s performance go down. Moreover, the students will feel less motivated with too much homework. 

6) No Family Time Left

When a student has already spent around 6-7 hours in school & then they have to spend around two hours doing homework or attending tuition. So after this much, where is the time to spend with family? 

In this modern era, mostly all parents go to work, so when they arrive home, they are left with very little time to spend with family. And if their child does the homework stuff, when will they spend time together? 

This all creates a lot of issues between children & parents like a family bond, less understanding between families & other issues. So this issue totally answers why kids should not have homework. 

7) Abnormal Sleep Cycle

When students have to complete any important report or project, they have to keep awake till 1–2 a.m. & this is totally inappropriate. This affects the sleep cycle of students. The irregular sleep cycles actually affect the overall health of students. Also, when sleep cycles start to be abnormal, it will take a lot of time to make them normal. 

According to a study, there is a relationship between sleep disruption & excessive homework and know about Why Should Homework Be Banned. The more the student is given excessive homework, the more time he needs to spend on completing it at night, resulting in sleep disruption. 

Moreover, if the sleep cycle is abnormal, the student can have problems like anxiety, stress & tension, etc. This is because the abnormal sleep cycle also affects the physical & mental structure of a person. 

8) Effect on Social Life

Yes, homework does affect the social life of a student. The time that he could spend with friends, relatives, or at a religious place goes to completing homework. 

Going out with friends, attending some religious events, or meeting with relatives is essential, as, through this, students learn how to live in society. But when homework binds the students to stay at home & complete it, it totally affects the student’s social life. 

Due to the bad effect on social life, it is advised by many experts that homework should be banned. 

9) Effect on Mental Health

This can be the far most important reason that tells why homework should be banned? Because mental health is the most important part of life. The more the student takes stress & tension about homework or his sleep cycle changes, it will directly influence his mental health. 

Moreover, a bad lifestyle due to extra homework & exhausting school work will affect nerves in the brain. So for the betterment of a student’s mental health & good lifestyle, homework should be banned.

10) Not Being Able to do Internships or Part-Time Work

The schools where students are given a lot of homework are left with no time to opt for internships or part-time jobs. This is because they get so busy completing their day-to-day homework; they lack skills development through part-time jobs or internships. 

Internships are as necessary as studies in students’ lives as they help develop skills & learn practical things in practical and know about Why Should Homework Be Banned. So extra homework definitely affects jobs & internships & that’s why homework should be banned, or its amount needs to be reviewed & shortened. 

11) Irrelevant Study Material

Sometimes, teachers give irrelevant study material to complete to the students to learn & complete it. But that irrelevant study material just adds to the pressure that students are going through with their homework. Moreover, it happens when teachers do not have any subject’s relative homework to give; they give irrelevant homework. 

That’s not right! Students should be set free if there is no subject’s homework. 

If the teacher has to give irrelevant homework, then it is best that homework should be banned.

12) Negative Impact On Exams & Class Tests

This is the twelfth reason why homework should be banned? Actually, when students complete their homework on one topic & move on to another topic & give all their efforts to complete their homework. This affects the learning of the old topic. 

So the students have to learn everything from scratch when preparing for their exams and know about Why Should Homework Be Banned. So what’s the point of learning something that has to be done again? That’s the impact of homework on class tests & exams. 

13) Lack of Help for Kids

Why should kids not have homework? This is another reason that explains the reason to ban homework. When teachers give homework to kids, they give them extra work to do & without a lack of help from even parents, it becomes difficult for the kids to complete that homework and know abour Why Should Homework Be Banned. 

And at school, teachers barely solve the questions that students are unable to do. So this creates pressure on students. 

This all explains that without proper help from parents or teachers, it becomes difficult for students to complete their homework. That’s why it is good to do homework or provide adequate help in completing homework. 

14) Writing Homework is Difficult & Problematic

This is another valid reason that explains why homework should be banned. Actually, some students are not good at learning writing. But most schools around the world give homework in writing. So the students who are not good at writing are behind, even though they know about the topic and know about Why Should Homework Be Banned. 

So that’s why kids should not have homework, or they need to be given homework in any other form. 

15) Different Sudents Perceive things in a different manner

Not every student learns things by repeatedly learning & reading. Many students just memorize things in just one go, so the homework is just useless. Moreover, teachers should give homework to those students who are weak in their studies. 

The homework should be given on the earning level of students. Those who are good at first learning should be given minimum homework & those who are not good at learning should be given some good ways of homework, which do not feel like a burden on them and know about Why Should Homework Be Banned. 

So these were valid reasons, according to us, that explain why should homework be banned in schools? 

But not all are in favor of banning homework; some are in its favor. They give their own reasons & try to explain why homework should not be banned. So let’s have a brief look at why homework should not be banned? 

Why Homework Should Not Be Banned? 

Is homework illegal? Or is it wrong/ No it isn’t illegal? So, here are the reasons that explain up to a point why homework should not be banned?

  1. The home environment is more productive, which can result in better learning. 
  2. Parents get to know what is going on in school & even help in educating their children. 
  3. Homework helps in better understanding between teachers & students & teachers get to know the education level of students through homework.
  4. With the help of homework, students get to know the subject topic in a more open & clear manner. 
  5. The homework helps in improving the presentation skills of students, 
  6. Students learn about life skills like discipline, time management, and setting priorities in their lives through homework. 

Why Should Homework Be Banned Pros and Cons? 

should homework be banned pros and cons
Why Should Homework Be Banned

So after looking at the reasons why students should not have homework? ? & why homework should not be banned, it is difficult to choose the right side. So in order to choose the right side & pass the judgment, let’s look at the pros & cons of homework!

Why Should Homework Be Banned Pros and Cons? (Pros)

Here are the pros of homework:

  • It helps students to learn things thoroughly & in a deep manner. 
  • Homework develops essential skills like time management & discipline. 
  • It helps students keep away from mobiles & computers that can affect their lives in the wrong way. 
  • The homework develops a sense of independence in students when they get to learn things on their own & by experimenting with their homework. 
  • The homework & the discipline make students ready for the upcoming life & jobs. 
  • With homework, students get to know about research & learn new things on their own. 
  • Students also learn to multitask with the help of homework.

Should Homework Be Banned Pros and Cons? (Cons)

Here are the cons of homework:

  • It creates an abnormal sleep cycle. 
  • It creates tension & stress in students’ lives. 
  • Homework leaves not much time for the social life of the student. 
  • Homework affects the mental health of the student. 
  • It does not really affect the results of students. 

So these are the pros & cons of homework. Now upon knowing all the reasons, yes, it is right to say that homework should be banned and know about Why Should Homework Be Banned. However, if not completely banned, there is a need for reforms. Either the homework needs to be shortened, or the study way needs to be changed so that students get enough time at home for their other activities. 

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